» Watamoto Yoga Studio
Discussions on “Detachment” over tea[23A4]
Self-generated Flow[24A3]
Power Yoga with Yoga Nidra[25A2]
President of Japan Yoga & Meditation Association. Presides over Watamoto Yoga Studio he founded 2003. Holder of American Yoga Alliance Registered 500 hr. Experienced Teacher Certification (E-RYT500). Born in Osaka, trained in Yoga from childhood, taught by his late father, Noboru Watamoto, former Chairman Emeritus of Japan Yoga and Meditation association. After graduating Kobe University, majoring in Industrial Systems Engineering, He studied Yoga and Aryuveda in India. Returning to Japan to apprentice under his father, he began teaching Yoga in 1994.
He continues to train relentlessly at such international yoga hot spots as Los Angeles, New York and London, in various styles and schools of Yoga, ranging from Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Power Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Viniyoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Chair Yoga. In 2003, he opened Japan’s first yoga studio specializing in Power Yoga. Today at Watamoto Yoga Studio, he has merged various traditional styles and schools of yoga to create a consolidated studio to teach regular classes as well as teach in his teacher training program.
Additionally, Watamoto acts as a Yoga ambassador within Japan, spreading the beneficial message of Yoga to the greater public by authoring various publications. His dedication to advocate for Yoga’s appeal extends into Japanese TV and other media outlets. He strives to popularize Yoga throughout Japan while making continuous efforts to deepen his students’ interest by bringing about greater depth and meaning to their practice on a daily basis.

Translated by AnandaK.Tsuyama
Roberto Milletti

Roberto Milletti

» ODAKA Yoga Contemporaneo School
LIQUID Yoga Adaptable, supple, powerful ….. : Surfing the infinite possibilities of a yoga pose.[25C4]
Roberto is a world-class yoga teacher based in Italy and founder of Odaka Yoga Contemporaneo (odaka.it).
Roberto has created a style of yoga that fuses martial arts, Zen and traditional Yoga Postures. This expresses adapatability, transformation and power, melting into each gesture, living the perseverance and determination of a warrior and the nurturing peace of acceptance.
Roberto leads his classes through this liquid yoga approach, each wave-like move to overcame barriers or limiting beliefs, where emotional flexibility opens students up to endless possibilities for both body and mind
He tells his class: “ We are not here to do yoga, we are here to become yoga”. For Roberto, yoga is a lifestyle, an Energy in motion a total idea both on –and-off the mat. Partecipation in his lessons means to tap into the idea of being yoga, vibrating to a different frequency, transforming ourselves, experiencing a crescendo of intensity and intuition of ones potential, without exerting unnecessary effort.

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