[24E1] 108 Dheesan Flow

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    * *Be ready to experience a powerful creative asana flow that Tokyo has never seen before! Master Sudhakar, founder of Dheesan Yoga, will lead you through a powerful energetic flow sequence consists of 108 classic Hatha yoga asanas that challenges you to new heights regardless of your level. The
    class will begin with Dheesan Dharisanum, created by Master Sudhakar, a 28-step-flow-warm-up-sequence designed for everybody to get your body ready for the exciting 108 Hatha asanas that follows.
    From hip opening, twisting, sitting, standing, back bending, forward bending, to balancing… this invigorating dynamic flow and range of asanas will heighten your awareness by awakening your body and refreshing your mind. Famously known for never repeating the same flow twice in his five years of teaching in Hong Kong, Master Sudhakar purposely designed this fresh and original 108 Dheesan asana flow for you. Experience how this flow will grant you with the new understanding of how these classical asanas can seamlessly flow together like a dance. Let’s experience firsthand how Master Sudhakar’s Dheesan Yoga can add a new dimension to your asana practice. To beginners: Don’t be intimidated, options are always available! Just come and experience the joy of practicing! To intermediates students: Definitely do not miss the chance of learning a new innovative way of flowing into an asana. To advanced students: Come for the challenge. You will certainly love it… and, we guarantee you will be surprised in what is in the finale!

  • Date/Time:09/24 9:00-10:30
  • Motion / Level: Middle / Bignner & Up
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