[25B3] Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 1: A Foundation of Compassion

  • Lesson ID:[25B3]
  • Info:Tibetan Heart Yoga introduces the foundation of yoga as practiced in the lineage of the Dalai Lamas in ten series. Tibetan Heart Yoga Series One weaves a powerful ancient compassion meditation (Tonglen) through a flowing sequence of yoga postures used to cultivate each of the “Six Perfections” of the Heart Sutra: generosity, kindness, patience, joyful effort, stillness, and wisdom. The Dalai Lama says, “If you want to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to make others happy, practice compassion.” Tibetan Heart Yoga Series One is a wonderful practice to nurture compassion for ourselves, our families and friends, even for those we don’t know– and for future generations. Come join us in this powerful heart-opening and healing practice.
  • Date/Time:09/25 13:00-14:30
  • Instructor:Leza Lowitz
  • Level/Motion:Beginners-Intermediate-All Levels
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