Search for the edge in Yoga

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    Details of lesson: Yoga poses are not only learning figure and practicing.
    Finding edge that maximizes potentiality of yoga poses is starting self-seeking.
    Where is the edge for you? Where is the physical limit or just you believes it is your limit. In the process of it, how is communication between mind and body or no communication?
    Are there impatience or frustration or anxious? What is keeping the edge? And how can you keep the edge?
    Asking yourself a question through experience in yoga poses is self-seeking and start to inner yoga experience.
    This class is the entrance to self-seeking for you.
    You can find the edge which pass point to personal transformation and keep that then you have an experience to be fused with enormous energy beyond yourself.

    Translated by UTAE SAGAWA
  • Date/Time:09/24 17:00-18:30
  • Instructor:Toshiro Miura
  • Level/Motion: from medium / from intermediate
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