[24C2]Chama’s “Live Yoga” -Happy ver.-

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    “Live Yoga”

    We will practice Yoga to live music.

    Let’s enjoy pair works or flow style yoga with happy music.

    I would love everyone to

    - know more

    - touch more

    - enjoy more

    YOGA as a fantastic tool.

    Music, one of the most common culture for everybody, links to YOGA, and live music will support our movement.

    The YOGA music created in this city Tokyo is not what controls our movements or our feelings, but is played in order to tune our bodies and mind with its sound.

    Your bodies may feel as if you’re wearing “music” like comfortable clothes.

    Let’s experience a potential of music and YOGA.

    And after all, when you find comfort in your own individuality, happiness in your life may expand and grow.

    Translate by UTE SAGAWA
  • Date/Time:09/24 11:00-12:30
  • Instructor:chama
  • Level/Motion: from low/ Level :from beginner
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