Amazing! So Unique! Self-Adjustment Technique, Minegishi-style

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    “This is my limit””I
    cannot go further” a lot of yoga practitioners would think that way while we
    are challenging asanas. Michiko Minegishi will introduce you a self-adjustment
    techniques, which we can apply into our practice with awareness and
    self-adjustment by using some equipments. Her unique ideas of props will
    amazingly bring us to a higher stage! She will introduce us her newly-designed
    yoga equipment this time. This class is suitable to beginners, those who
    consider themselves not-flexible, or even asana masters. You can bring back the
    knowledge and awareness to your own practice!

    Please bring blocks,
    straps, and a blanket if you own. A thick towel can replace a blanket..

    Translate by Madoka Nakajima
  • Date/Time:09/23 11:00-12:30
  • 講師名:Michiko Minegishi
  • Motion / Level: Low / Intermediate & Up
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