[24B2] Vibration of sound and Minegishi’s sequence of Magic!

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    You cannot control your mind but you can control your body, Michiko Minegishi tells us. Nothing is impossible when we face our own body. Regardless of age or our long-termed habits, we still can change ourselves. It’d be only our own mind and our strong impression that disturbs those changes. Let’s release the lock of our mind in the vibration of musical improvisation called WAKION. The energy of our asana practice will give changes to the rhythm and sound of music, which would influence back to our asana practice with great energy. The circulation of energy will integrate all our spirits into dynamic power and it will release our body and mind. Go blindly into the rhythm, the sound, and the story. You will have an amazing and pleasant experience of yoga.

    Please bring your own

    Translate by Madoka Nakajima
  • Date/Time:09/23 11:00-12:30
  • 講師名:Michiko Minegishi
  • Motion / Level: Low / Intermediate & Up
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