Yoga for the First Time

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    The lesson plan covers the actual sequence introduced in her latest DVD, “Yoga for the First Time” (or Yoga for Beginners), scheduled to release this September. In the first half of the class, Vinyasa/breath work with asana will be used to warm up the bodies; followed by Yin Yoga in the second half of the class where poses are held for a longer period for students to enjoy the sense of release longer holds bring about. This is a supremely healing class accompanied by real crystal bowl sounds. Students can expect to experience once in a lifetime sensations with truly ethereal live music where your body and your spirit can truly drift off into total relaxation (crystal bowls sounds by guest performer, Kirara)

    Translated by AnandaK.Tsuyama
  • Date/Time:09/23 13:00-14:30
  • Instructor:Gori Miyashita
  • Motion / Level: Mild & up / Beginner & Up
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