Power Yoga with Yoga Nidra

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    Lesson Description: Beginning with a relatively gentle Power Yoga practice, you will then immerse in Yoga Nidra during the ample time in the second half of this consecutive blend of a class. Taking place on the final day of this Festival event, participants who attended on consecutive and daily basis, tend to carry accumulated fatigue by the last day. It is just that kind of fatigue this class addresses by providing 1.5 hr of power yoga practice that eliminates such built up fatigue and instead energizes the participants. The expansive practice is followed by 1.5 hr of Yoga Nidra that allows for total relaxation of body and mind. You will feel completely refreshed from deep down and within.
    While brief, there will be a lecture at the beginning of this duo practice suitable for wide range of participants, from beginners to instructors.

    Translated by AnandaK.Tsuyama
  • Date/Time:09/25 11:00-12:30
  • Instructor:AKIRA WATAMOTO
  • Motion / Level: Mild & up / Beginner & Up
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