Approach to Pranayama and Pure Consciousness “PCM Meditation” [24B4]

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    Asanas and Pranayamas are known as sadhanas towards meditation. The goal then is, meditation. Yoga would not become yoga, unless you reach and experience the state of meditation.

    Throughout this class, you would learn topics such as:

    - what is mediation?
    - what is a meditated state?
    - what are the outcomes of mediation?
    - why is meditation necessary?
    - what is “Pure Consciousness”?
    - what is Mantra Meditation?

    However, meditation is not at all difficult. We will enjoy to learn meditation as something much more close to ourselves throughout this class!

    You can naturally reach the relaxing state of meditation through breathing.

    By approaching “Pure Consciousness” and allowing ourselves to reach the deepest state of meditation, we will learn how to self-care ourselves and enjoy our daily lives in peace.

    Translated by Kana KAWANISHI
  • Date/Time:09/24 15:00-16:30
  • 講師名:Chieko Schmitz
  • Motion / Level: Low/ Beginner
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