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Chen Min’s Erhu yoga & breathing method with playing of the erhu [23H2]
Chen Min is an erhu player who delivers messages through music sometimes gently, sometimes passionately. Her sound of erhu has a sense of nostalgia, power to move the hearts of people, sorrow which reminds people of forgotten memoires. In 2011, her playing of the erfu is being featured as the theme song and soundtracks of NHK TV series “Go: Hime-tachi no Sengoku”.

Chen Min was born in Suzhou, China, and came into the spotlight with an album “I wish” which created the boom of erhu. She involves in a variety of activities, from performance of music to composition of theme songs of TV programs. (Her well-known performance includes the ending theme of NHK’s sports news program “Sports Tairiku”, NHK’s period drama “Furinkazan”, songs used in films “Tasogare Seibei” and “Spring time in a small town”, and many more.) Chen Min also aggressively tries collaboration with top artists in other fields such as music of Issey Miyake’s show at the Paris Collection, Shinji Tanimura and Yo-Yo Ma to pursue the possibilities of the erhu. In 2010, her 11th album “affection” that was created with deep love and thanks for her home country and Japan was released, and she played erhu at the opening and finale of the Shanghai Expo which arouse people’s interest. She held a concert as a charity for the Great East Japan Earthquake and the 20th anniversary of her activities in Japan.

In June this year, Chen Min opened a erhu school called “Oto Rakuen”.
 Chen Min’s Oto Rakuen – place to make dreams come true
 Most suitable classes will be suggested though an interview with Chen Min. The school offers yoga lessons, the traditional Chinese breathing exercise, and hair makeup classes as well.

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Translated by Midori Nakamura
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