» JUN Moriwaki ‘s Yoga Lesson
Yoga for all women to obtain beauty [24D1]
1978. March 21 Born in Tokyo
Living in Shonan Fujisawa city, Kanagawa

I was affected by my father living over Yoga practice.
Age 16 years, started meditation, healthy food and naturopathy and also practice of Yoga asana.
All those years, I hate my fat body and irritable character. I was studying and practicing to improve myself.
4 years in USA, I had had too much junk foods and spent party days. After coming back to Japan, I worked in IT industry and broke down from hard work.
This experience led me to live life for practice of Yoga and eating healthy food. Then I took myself back.

Year 2004 ~ Act a Yoga model and instructor operating website to spread Yoga.
Year 2006~2008 Take part in opening SUGATA studio in Kamakura as a studio management director. Planed and held various kinds of events uniting Yoga, outrigger canoe, beach Yoga, walking and healthy food lunch.
Year 2009 Oct. Gave birth to my first child by home childbirth
Following my pregnant, I learned how to spend comfortable maternity life. I practiced maternity Yoga and lived calm and quiet happy days.
Although it took 21 hours for childbirth since I had felt labor pains, I had quite comfortable childbirth without any pains. I say, “ Childbirth is Pleasant!!!”

Restarting new life after childbirth with new name, Jun Moriwaki.
Year 2011 Spring Start maternity Yoga for every mamas to give happy life in Shonan area.
Yoga for everyone feeling happy by their heart and body.
Yoga for all women

Wade Imre Morisette TTC
Ishii Saburo TTC
Janice Clarfield / maternity Yoga TTC

Translated byMiki Kondoh
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