Tensegrity Vinyasa yoga [25F4]
ACO was born in Nagoya and now lives in Fuchu, Tokyo. She graduated from Aichi University with a degree of economics and Portland State University in Oregon, US with a degree of psychology.

After learning Hatah yoga at a yoga studio, ACO learned Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, Iyenger yoga, Power yoga, Raja yoga, Restorative yoga, and various body works at studios in Japan and overseas. While teaching yoga as a bilingual instructor both in English and Japanese, she also supervises many television programs, magazines, and yoga websites. In addition, she has been invited to yoga studios all over Japan to hold workshops to give lectures of asanas, yoga philosophy, and dietary education as well as offering intensive courses for instructors.

Nearly 20-year experience of teaching led her to a style which ACO named as “Tensegrity yoga”, and she continues developing an approach, with the knowledge she gained through body works, to produce the proper balance of prana through the body as stimulating self-stabilization ability. She is recognized as a pioneer of Vinyasa yoga in Japan. You can experience her regular classes at yoga studios such as Sun and Moon, TYG, UTL, lotus+8, and Gold Gym

In recent years, ACO has developed yoga from “on the mat” to “off the mat” to build own path regardless of age and offered various activities as a unit with other experienced female yoga instructors in the same generation.

“Dreamgirls Project”

Translated by Midori Nakamura
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