Takako Yamada

Takako Yamada

» Megalos CO., LTD
“Flex Yoga”with Wave stretch rings – Let’stry the booming tools[24E3]
Vice president of Field Ltd. http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~field/top.htm

Yoga Quality Educational Advisor, Academic Trainer of Megalos Co., Ltd, HFS of The American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM), Director of Japan Fitness Association (JAFA), Grand Master of Hiroike Yoga, Trainer of Health and Exercise from Japan Health Promotion Fitness Foundation, Flexcusion Yoga Chief Master Trainer of Santeplus Co., Ltd.

After her graduation from Fitness University and working for Korakuen Sports, she became independent in her career. She has various kinds of license, and has been dedicated in teaching people who are different generation such as babies, puerperants, or elderly people at regardless of public or private schools or facilities. These days she leads Yoga teachers from all over Japan to Yoga tour in overseas.

She is an author of “Yoga Daihyakka (Yoga encyclopedia)”, “Stretch Recipe”, and “Balance ball”, and directed and appeared on DVD “Iyashino Yoga (Healing Yoga)”and “Powerful Yoga” etc.

She has a big interest and loyalty to wear and music.

Translated by Yuanyuanyueliang
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