LAU Yue-Kwan Janet


Janet has a vast knowledge in yoga anatomy, technicalities, sequencing, meditation, and most importantly, mindfulness. She is the first certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga teacher in Southeast Asia. Her classes emphasize on the presence of the mind, the joy from the practice, as well as having a skillful mean to minimize injuries. Teaching her students to honor their bodies, she also encourages her students to continue to challenge their comfort zones in a healthy way. Janet’s classes are fun, educational, and inspiring for the body, heart, and mind. The intention of Janet’s teaching is to allow her students to embrace life, knowing that everything we experience in our lives depend on our perceptions.

Janet teaches numerous workshops from raw beginners to advanced practitioner. Besides teaching useful techniques in the asana practice, Janet offers workshops that transcend the mind from ignorance, transforming our emotions, and how to be happy with the way we are.

She has assisted Baron Baptiste and Paul Grilley at their teacher trainings, teaches at conferences, and leads various workshops internationally. Her teachings are inspired by Baron Baptiste, Thich Nhat Hanh, Paul and Suzee Grilley, Frank Jude Boccio, Sarah Powers, David Swenson, and Stephen Thomas.

Besides teaching on the mat, Janet is actively seeking different ways to inspire her community – through her writings, offering free meditation practice, and continued to look for more ways to spread the message of yoga. Without having the thought of where the yoga would take her, her intention is to continue to sow the seeds of mindfulness and love in her and the people around her.

Pure Yoga Hong Kong

Every time I attend yoga conferences, I see so many like-minded people, and
we all want peace and love. This is wonderful. While we explore different
yoga styles, try to also look deeper and see their similarities and their
roots. We are much more alike than we are different and through yoga, with
this insight we are able to enjoy a harmonious relationship with ourselves,
our friends, and our families. That is the essence of yoga.


09/23 09:00-10:30
Upside down? No problem!   [23F1]