Mika Nihei


Style of Teaching: Menstrual Flow Control Yoga, Body Axis Yoga Stretch, Meridian Yoga.

Mika found yoga as a means to connect mind and body when she had no time to spare, even to care for herself. Under the guidance of Ryuzo Takahashi, she began to study the theory of body axis and to practice menstrual flow control. Ever since, she marvels at how she has been balanced both in mind and body, and appreciates the value of body axis practice.

Having control over menstrual flow, which is one of the benefits from stabilizing our body axis, plays a vital role in women's life. Out of her eagerness to help as many women who suffer from their monthlies as possible, Mika actively keeps on teaching classes not only in Tokyo but also in major cities throughout Japan.

[BOOKS and DVDs]
Book “Easy Diet: Just Step on Core Step Stick”
DVD “Take Care of Your PMS with Menstrual Flow Control Yoga”
DVD “Body Axis Stabilization with Body Axis Stick”
DVD “Take Care of Your Temporomandibular Joint Disorder with Meridian Yoga”
Book “Mika Nihei's Yoga for Uterus” (on sale in September 2012)
Book “Moon Day Yoga” (on sale in September 2012)

Holistic Health Care Institute

Harmony, Brighten your corner

I'd be really happy to help women's life make better and easier with yoga, which fully activates our bodily function.


09/21 13:00-14:30
Yoga for Women  [21G3]