Ken Harakuma


Head of IYC (International Yoga Center) and Ashtanga Yoga Japan. Ken Hrakuma has an established reputation from all the level, beginner to instructor for courteous and detailed guide. A practitioner of Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, healing style like Hatha yoga and more mind-concerned style like Raja yoga. As a guru of yoga in Japan, he proposes practicing method that suits Japanese life style. Conducting workshops, training camps and instructor seminars domestically and abroad. Consulting for various industries including media and education. Author of "The Spirit of Ashtanga Yoga" and "Begin with Yoga". Supervised book "Ashtanga Yoga" (INFOREST). Supervised / cast in DVD "Radi Yoga” and “Ken Harakuma’s Yoga-dou”. TV program "Ken Harakuma's Easy Stretch Yoga" (BS FUJI).

International Yoga Center (IYC)

Not even a single experience is n vain!!

Even on a Rainy day, Windy day, or Moody day, Let’s make it a wonderful day by Yoga !