Go Sato


At the age of 14: Go Sato was strongly influenced by African-American music and got into street dancing.
At the age of 23: Worked as a backup dancer and choreographer for South Korean singer Lee JunHo; performed with Hiraru Utada, UA, Suga Shikao, Toshinobu Kubota, and many others in their promotional videos.
At the age of 26: Performed dance in Europe and New York; formed several performance groups such as "Native Yellow," "Speed Sta," "310," "SATOUGOU."
At the age of 31: Started yoga; while exploring what “expression” meant, Go was attracted to the certain similarities between dance and yoga, not only in physical aspect but also mental one, and got hooked on yoga since; "Expression is the next step for the one who has experienced extreme concentration."; "Human body transforms, and so does the mind."
At the age of 32: Studied anatomy and physiology at YMC Medical Trainer's School; "Yoga activates our bodily functions, which we already have but haven't been used. The most superior entity is who we are by nature."
At the age of 34: Attended IYC Mysore class every day and practiced Ashtanga yoga; got into the practice further, exploring these mottos and questions; "Practice makes perfect."; "Everything is changing, so is the moderateness."; "What does it mean to be truly free?"; "What is the present moment?"
To the present: Go is actively teaching class at YMC Yoga Studio such as Yoga for Pelvic Alignment, Power Yoga, Relaxation Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Philosophy of Yoga, and Pranayama. His basic teaching is "yoga to feel," encouraging his students to observe their subtle sensations. "To accept" = "Who we are by nature" = "Simplicity" = "As it is" = "How to live comfortably.” What is the most compassionate thing you can do to yourself?

[Training and Activities]
IHTA Certified Yoga Instructor first-class (Functional Anatomy and Adjustment Course)
Completed training session at Vedanta
Participated actively in a wide variety of fields: dance performance worldwide (in Tokyo, Amsterdam, New York, Seoul and so on), DJ, appearance in promotional videos and commercials/advertisements.

YMC Medical Trainer's School, Shinjuku Studio


Take good care of your own voice: you can find a secret to make yourself happy in it. Take your time, no hurry.


09/22 09:00-10:30
Sound Relaxation Yoga  [22D1]