Haidar Ali


Haidar Ali was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He started practicing Tae Kwon Do at the age of 13 and was introduced to yoga by his Tae Kwon Do teacher at the age of 16. His first studies were at the psychology research centre at Baghdad University and were mostly concerned with the psychological aspects of yoga, focusing on various meditation and relaxation techniques.

At 21 Haidar left Iraq to pursue his path of knowledge, first to the Middle East then went to Thailand where he studied traditional Thai massage, while studying and teaching yoga. Haidar decided to go to live in Japan to continue his life journey. His focus is to keep practicing and studying yoga by traveling regularly to India, the home of yoga.

In July of 2007, Haidar opened his own yoga studio in Osaka called Spirit Yoga. Here he wishes to offer more variety of yoga from all over the world to Japanese society under his vision of establishing its role as an international yoga centre in Kansai area. Besides teaching yoga, he works also as an organizer of workshops and Teacher Training Courses where he provides opportunities for the students to be exposed to unique experiences of studying and practicing yoga with well experienced and certified yoga teachers from around the world and different cultural backgrounds.

My intention is to support each student in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, to explore and understand themselves more at the depth that brings awakening to their spirits. Then the students take that knowledge and what they experience on the mat and apply them to their daily life to improve their physical and mental health for more satisfactory and joyful life.

Studying & Training Experiences
【Teacher Training Courses】
•Yoga Arts 200 hr with Louisa Sear in Goa, India
•Ashtanga Yoga first series with David Swenson in Tokyo, Japan
•Shiva Rea in Santorini, Greece (a part of TTC)

【Intensive Courses】
•Iyengar Yoga with guidance of Rodari Dev in Rishikesh, India
•Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson in Taipei, Taiwan
•Beyond the Asana with Emil Wendel & Rachel Zinman in Osaka,Japan
•Iyengar Yoga with Lisa Walford bin Tokyo,Japan
•Iyengar Yoga with Paul & Marla in Osaka,Japan
•Radical Relaxation Retreat with Shiva Rea in Santorini,Greece

•Ashtanga Yoga (Rolf Naujokat, David Swenson, Kranti, Ajay Kumar)
•Vinyasa Yoga (Louisa Sear, Lucy Roberts, Rachel Zinman)
•Meditation & Pranayama (Emil Wendel, Guru Dass)

【Teaching Experiences】
•Over 5000 hours of teaching regular yoga class
•Over 20 Teacher Training Courses
•Workshops in Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokushima

・Yoga Alliance RYT 200 H
・Yoga Alliance Experience Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200 H
・Ashtanga Yoga 40 H Complete Course
・Thai Traditional Massage
・Psychological aspects Relaxation

Spirit Yoga Studio/International School

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