Jessica started practicing yoga at the age of 18 from her aunt Romi's suggestion, who was already an yoga teacher in korea at the time. Before practicing Yoga, Jessica had problems with her bulimic tendencies, anthropophobia,(scared of meeting new people), Hwabyeong( Korean culture-bound somatization disorder), all of which were caused by stress. But through Yoga, her thoughts, and sensitivity within her physical body has changed and in short period of time, she has learned the importance of effort, grace and what it means to be happy. After learning how to use the mind and the body effectively and how yoga has influenced her life, she started to share this experience that she has gained by being a teacher. Of her teachings, one of the emphasized theme was the importance of breath along with alignment of the body and mind. The "Balance Yoga Style" that Jessica has created uses the natural healing functions of the body along with free style of movements to re-align the body and mind.

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09/22 09:00-10:30
Healing Vinyasa Yoga  [22G1]