Asako Otomo


Asako Otomo is the director of Yoga Studio Tokyo.
She journeyed across the world seeking universality since 16 years old, and started to practice yoga inspired by hypnotherapy which she met when she was 20 years old.
Asako had learned Iyengar yoga for 4 yrs, Ashtanga for 8 yrs, and shadow yoga for 3 yrs under the direction of well-known and distinguished yoga teachers. And now her teaching style is well-established and tailored to fit every student’s needs and conditions.
Asako is also active as a hypnotherapist in order to seek the truth behind Yoga and the human spirit, and also the mind and body.

Yoga Studio Tokyo & Expressive Art Studio

“Wakei Seijyaku” (this word from Sen no Rikyu, who was the founder of traditional tea ceremony, and means respecting each other with pure and peaceful minds.


09/23 15:00-16:30
Hatha yoga all level  [23D4]