Norika is originally from Taiwan. She moved to Canada when she was young to study on how to produce TV programs. After she returned to Taiwan, she produced TV programs as a director after starting from an assistant director. Pursuing artistic perfection at work, she found herself in a dilemma suffering from her extreme preferences on what she can and cannot accept. To overcome this dilemma, she moved to China to seek a broader world working for a trading company. While traveling throughout Asia, she had a fateful encounter with Yoga in 2002.

Ishta Yoga 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training
Maternity Yoga/Kids Yoga Certification
Shala’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Tibetan Heart Yoga 300-hour Teacher Training
Visited India to deepen her practice

When she took part in a retreat in Bali to learn about pranayama and philosophy taught by Emil Wendel and Rachel Zinman, she was struck by the feeling she encountered through the fusion of Yoga and soothing nature throughout her body. She continues to believe that her meeting with Yoga had changed her life immensely. In order to share her deep appreciation for Yoga, she opened her own Bali-style studio in Kamisu city, Ibaraki prefecture.

Participated as an instructor in Yoga Fest every year since 2009
Participated as an instructor in Yogalife in Taipei, Taiwan in 2012

As Norika believes that one’s diet composes the human body, she enjoys macrobiotic eating organic or natural and seasonal foods. She completed the extension program at KIJ macrobiotic academy and has continued to disseminate such concept. Her motto is to live positively by honestly looking at herself and listening to her mind. She appreciates the fact that she is alive and well every day, she lives every day to the fullest.

Yoga Studio Shakti

There exists no “Yesterday” or “Tomorrow” in this world. There only exists the continuity of “Present”.

Meeting people at Yoga Fest every year has been a big blessing for me. I look forward to reunions and new encounters again this year.


09/22 11:00-12:30
Tibetan Heart Yoga  [22F2]