Miki Imai


Director of personal conditioning studio “Balancise.”
Studied Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of Ken Harakuma.
Competed in national Alpine skiing tournaments while in college.
Worked as a sports journalist covering various topics such as professional baseball in Japan and the U.S., and Olympics. She is also known as a radio reporter in baseball games, columnist, and nonfiction writer. While following top athletes on site, Miki acknowledged how it was crucial for them to take care of physical and mental balance.
Studied kinesiology, sound therapy, craniosacral therapy, and traditional Chinese medical scientific aromatherapy. Worked with the players of professional baseball team Yokohama Baystars (Yoga for Athletes), and with professional golfers, Olympic athletes, and talents for their body conditioning.

Book “Golf Yoga Method”
Miki is a radio personality of yoga radio show on avo”cado” channel (internet radio).



09/22 09:00-10:30
Yoga for Athletes  [22F1]