Andrew Tanner


Director of the Kripalu Schools of Yoga and Ayurveda, is an entrepreneurial yogi with a lighthearted approach. He has a BA in Religious Studies and Psychology from New York University where he has taught yoga and healing programs over the years. Andrew began his yogic training in a form of Taoist yoga under Jae Lee, in which he spent five years renouncing possessions and living a humble life with 8 other disciples in New York City. After four years with master Lee, Andrew parted ways to train with the traditional Hatha Yoga master Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra. Andrew completed 200- and 500-hour trainings with Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra and Yogi Andrei Ram. Having launched successful yoga studios and teacher trainings in New York and New Jersey, Andrew has mastered the business of yoga as well. His strengths as a teacher are inspiration, humor, advanced asana expertise, and hands-on assists. He joined Kripalu in July 2011 and has found that Kripalu Yoga embraces all his previous training, and is honored to be a part of this rich tradition.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health


Where is your mind when you are on the yoga mat? Does it matter how old you are?... how much money you make? how pretty you are? When we step on the mat together the past doesn't matter... the future disappears... We are all here to reach towards health, happiness and our true nature. Yoga is about playing with your body and soul. It's about letting go of all your preconceptions about yourself and being who you really are. The asanas are gateways to expanding your consciousness and achieving deep inner peace. When you practice asana while listening deep within to your own body's wisdom you will find a joy that no one can take from you. You will find healing. You will find ENERGY! The energy to be the best that you can be in this life. I look forward to sharing this energy with you. Jai Bhagwan! "Victory to your Inner-Light!"


09/23 14:00-16:00
Turning Your World Up-side Down  [23A3]