Kotaro Ogiya


Since he joined "Lesson for Body and Word" by the late stage director, Toshiharu Tekeuchi, Kotaro was fascinated to the idea of opening up possibilities by noticing your body. He then became a certified Rolfer. He now gives personal lessons of Rolfing®, Craniosacral therapy, and Trauma Care in Kamakura. He also holds workshops focusing Yoga, Ballet, and Walking. He has regular classes at Tokyo-Yoga about experiential anatomy, and body flexibility improvement.

2001; He received Rolfer Certification from the Rolf Institute, USA.
2001; He become Craniosacral practitioner.
2005; He received Rolf Movement Practitioner certification from the Rolf Institute, USA.
2009; He became Franklin Method Certified Level-1 Instructor.

Sense of Gravity

Art exists in between truth and lie

I'm so glad I could join the festival this year again. Let's make it fun!