Hikaru Hashimoto


President of Japan Fitness Yoga Association Founded in 1993 with his wife Kyoko They expanded relations with Healthcare industry and overseas Yoga groups and popularized Yoga in the fitness industry. Invited as an instructor in Indian Rishkesh government-sponsored International Yoga Festival and Chinese government-sponsored event. A member of NPO International Yoga Federation which has goups in more than 80 nations One of founder of citizenz's groups for NPO cervix cancer Supervisor of Shakti Mat

Japan Fitness Yoga Association

Giving is living, Living is learning

Who am I ? and why we are here now? To find this amazing mystery, I will propose " the power of words and Hatha, Kundalini "


09/22 13:00-14:30
The power of words,Hatha and Kundalini  [22D3]