[22G4] Delicious relationship between breathing and backbends, based on Rolfing®

If you can breathe delicately with your whole body, all body, including shoulder, hip joints, and spine will be flexible. Your banda will be tightened. Rolfing is called as re-education of your body. With the movements of Rolfing, we will find how connection of fascia and breathing leads to natural movement of bending backwards. We will learn how we can prevent lower back ache by moving shoulder and chest together. We will also learn how pelvic floor works. Rolfing is re-education method for body, which was founded by American biochemist Ida Pauline Rolf (1896-1979). She developed and researched the method since 1920s. The Manipulative therapy works on the network of combination organization such as fascia, ligament, sinew and periosteum. It will also wake up sleeping sensation within; and we will learn the efficient way of moving body to accord with gravity. Usually through the program consisting around 12 sessions, a Rolfer will work all the body such as legs, torso, chest, head, and viscera. Your body will be released from the patterned tension over a long time, and will be integrated again.

09/22 15:00-16:30
Low impact, For Beginner and above
Kotaro Ogiya