[22F1]Miki Imai

“Yoga for Athletes” conditions your mind and body that tend to be disproportionately developed by sports you are playing for the best performance with the method employed by professional baseball players and top athletes. This class is highly recommended not only for professionals but also those who enjoy any sports for fun!! By balancing among physical, mental, and energy controls, we will guide our body to be fully prepared for the next challenge. Contents will be poses for warming up, energy control, flexibility, strengthening, relaxation, conditioning, balance, endurance, stress-releasing, and so on. Various sports such as jogging, mountain climbing, and triathlon have been gaining popularity in this booming health trend. The longer we keep on practicing a sport without injuries, the better we are at it and the more we get motivated. Take control of your energy and the balance between mind and body with “Yoga for Athletes,” and enjoy your sports more!!

09/22 09:00-10:30
Middle / Beginner up
Miki Imai