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Elizabeth Pappa (Betia)
Elizabeth Pappa (Betia)
sun and moon yoga
Yoga is a journey through self-discovery. Transform yourself into the best version of yourself.
The Kite Runner
Connect with others as you reconnect with yourself.
Feel and embrace the light in you and share it with the world.
We are all strong and beautiful warriors.
Let's awaken the true warrior inside us and bring it to life.
Ready to face any challenges in life by uniting and being the best we can be.


呼吸と動作を連動させるヴィンヤサフローを通して、強さとしなやかさ、美しさを引き出すことができる、との思いから、生徒が楽しく新しいポーズや感覚にチャレンジできるようなクリエイティブなヴィンヤサフローのヨガクラスを教えている。現在は、東京、中野で自主開催するヨガクラスの他、Nami ヨガスタジオ、Sun & Moon ヨガスタジオなど都内のヨガスタジオでクラスを担当している。出逢った人に笑顔をもたらし、ポジティブなヨガの種を蒔いていきたいと考えている。

She is currently living her dream of living abroad and experiencing a culture completely different to her own. In 2014, Betia moved to Tokyo in hopes of sharing her passions and connecting people through English teaching. Her professor Dr. Folse from the University of Central Florida inspired her to come to Asia. So with an open mind and heart she followed her dreams to teach abroad and chose Tokyo to be her first stop. Betia found life challenging in the largest city in the world, especially not knowing the language. She found comfort through yoga which led her to pursuing a career as a yoga instructor. Betia felt the power of yoga and how it can change peoples’ lives for the better. She was determined to connect with locals in Tokyo, and most importantly to share her passion with everyone. In 2015, Betia received her RYT 200hr in Ashtanga Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Betia teaches fun, creative and challenging vinyasa flow classes. She believes that through vinyasa flows one can express themselves artistically, and ultimately find their inner strength and beauty. She helps each individual discover the best version of themselves. She currently teaches her own classes in Nakano and Nami Yoga Studio. She also occasionally teaches at Sun and Moon.

■ RYT 200hr Ashtanga Yoga YTTC - All Yoga Teacher Training | Koh Phangang, Thailand