[24B5] classroom lecture: Learning correctMantra chanting & Meditation

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    It’s essential to chant mantra correctly. What is the difference from Kirtan or Bhajan?

    We will learn the formal way of chanting based on tradition of classical Veda by studying the meaning of mantra, voice training, and tuning etc. And we will also study basic knowledge of mantra and practice meditation.

    Regardless of Yoga teacher of those who are practicing yoga, anyone is welcomed. NITYANANDA TODO, who has been studying after specialists of mantra, and dedicated in chanting veda and teaching meditation as a professional, will be in charge of this lesson.

    【To know pronunciation and meaning of mantra】

    Basic knowledge of mantra is required in order to chant it. Mantra is in Sanskrit and its accurate pronunciation is quite important. There are many people who remember and chant with accents from their own languages. However, pulsation from sound is one of most important element of Mantra, so it is quite important to practice the similar pronunciation to originals. There are some Mantras in Hindi. Some people misunderstand that Hindi and Sanskrit are the same language. There are also some people mix prayers or anthems such as Kirtan or Bhajan with Mantra. It is also important to understand the meaning of mantra’s chanting and effects.

    【Origin of Mantra】

    Mantra is anthem or stanza consists of some particular syllabic sound and scale. It is acknowledged by Rishi, higher level of saints who are like ancient shamans. It is also said that Mantra isn’t created by human beings. Mantras are contained in sacred book called Veda, and there are more than 20000 mantras in it. Gayathri Mantra, Mrtyunjaya Mantra, Ganapati Mantra are ones of the most famous Mantras.

    It is said Veda was edited about B.C. 1200-B.C.800. Before then, written form of Veda didn’t exist and it was memorized by people. It was Vyāsa who edited Veda, and Upanishad or other anthems are edited after the time Veda was edited. Hence, the Mantras from Veda are the oldest anthems.

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  • Date/Time:09/24 17:00-18:30
  • Instructor:Nityananda Todo
  • Level/Motion: classroom lecture / Level :from beginner
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