[24F5]YOGA & BODY Digest version 〜Must-know basic of your

  • Lesson ID:[24F5]
  • Info:
    ”Yoga and body is the “real physical” lesson of anatomy for those who study about function of body for the first time.

    You will learn the basic of your body which is
    most essential to know during 90mins of this “digest” class.

    Besides studying about function of breathing, role of pelvis, and
    structure of spine, we will learn something about hip joint and shoulder joint
    as well.

    It will be a “bridge” between Asana and introspection during yoga practice
    afterwards to know the structure of your body.

    Nothing is
    difficult at all. Everyone can join this class, of course beginners as well.

    Translate by UTE SAGAWA
  • Date/Time:09/24 17:00-18:30
  • Instructor:chama
  • Level/Motion: from low/ Level :from beginner
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