[24G4] Science of backbends

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    This lesson introduces various approaches to do a backbend in a safe and effective way. The point of deepening backbends without pain in the lower back or shoulders is not to arch your lower back too much and to master how you can release the iliopsoas muscle and the muscles around the shoulders.
    Let’s start from basic backbends as understanding the mechanisms of the body required for advanced backbends respectively from the anatomical viewpoint, and then move to deeper backbends step by step. Using the unique approach of LiLA YOGA, which was generated as the results of the research conducted all these years, all participants will be able to get a great feeling of euphoria with backbends. All people who are interested in exploring backbends further are welcome.

    Translated by KANEDA Misako
  • Date/Time:09/24 15:00-16:30
  • 講師名:Shinsuke Nyui
  • Motion / Level: Middle / Bignner & Up
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