[23F3] Integral Yoga

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    Integral Yoga is arranged to be fun to learn from the basis of Indian traditional yoga style.
    Integral Yoga is integrated by various kinds of yoga style such as Raja yoga: cultivating of the mind using meditation, Jnana yoga: concerning knowledge of the absolute, Karma yoga: acting without consideration of personal self-centered desire, Bhakti yoga: having an attitude of devotion to a personal God, Hatha yoga: awakening energy inside of body. The purpose of Integral yoga is not only teaching these types of yoga asana, but also teaching how to live with yoga such as the way of life style.
    Integral Yoga practice derives our pure body and mental health. That makes our body and mental make relaxed, and at the same time, improving health recovery and immune system.

    Translate by Asano Mariko
  • Date/Time:09/23 13:00-14:30
  • Instructor:Ayako Sasaki
  • Level/Motion:Beginners / Middle
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