[24C4]Press point connecting to prana

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    Details of lesson: Many of Yoga beginners have no anatomical knowledge.
    But they can move their body effectively and balance by connecting to prana energy inside the body. Because, essentially, entire body is organically-connected by prana energy. If you practice to focus to wisdom of that prana, anybody can keep safety foundation and open maximally from inside the body.
    In this class, we will learn Press Point which is one of the most characteristic methods to enhance prana in Kripalu Yoga.
    If you grasp the techniques of the basic Press Point in forward bend and backbend,
    it can work for not only asana but also everyday movements.
    We welcome everyone from beginners to experiences.

    Translated by UTAE SAGAWA
  • Date/Time:09/24 15:00-16:30
  • Instructor:Toshiro Miura
  • Level/Motion:Beginners / Low
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