[23H3] Ashtanga Yoga –from Half to Full, into Mysor style

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    Ashtanga yoga – a flow sequence,
    combined with deep breath and movement.

    What is the breakpoint to
    overcome now? What can we do today to go one step further, one stage higher?

    In this class you can learn the
    tips and techniques for the difficulties, which every Ashtanga practitioners
    will go through, such as standing postures – simple but difficult to perform
    properly, continuous forward bending postures, twisting postures to complete,
    and after half primary series (buja pindasana, sputa kurmasana, etc).

    Momo will give you detailed and
    practical explanations on Mysor style and Intermediate series, techiniques and
    importance of pranayama and bhandas. For inversions and backbend, Momo will
    guide you how to do alone and for those who are ready to do alone, she will take
    you to one step further.

    Half series for the beginners,
    from half to full, from primary series to Mysor style, let’s grade up your own

    Translated by Madoka Nakajima
  • Date/Time:09/23 13:00-14:30
  • Instructor:momo
  • Level/Motion: from Middle / from beginner
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