be in pursuit of peace of mind

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    We sometimes have a bitter experience even when we are already in immeasurable sorrow. We sometimes have an unfortunate experience even when we are already in extreme difficulty. We sometimes think we cannot recover any more, facing the law of nature. What saves you is to find calmness in yourself, not Messiah or miracle. I don’t mean to say pretty words. Those who had a bitter experience will find the calmness in themselves through yoga if they try. It will help you to accept the past and to be encouraged. You may not perfectly recover through just one time class. In this class, we will breathe and do Asana together with other many students, and then meditate. This will harmonize your energy with others, produce mixed calmness, bring relief for you, and encourage you to make a new step for tomorrow. (Of course, the class will add happiness to those who are happy now.)

    Translated byMatsubara Tomoko
  • Date/Time:09/23 11:00-12:30
  • Instructor:Kumiko Mack
  • Motion / Level: Middle / Intermediate & Up
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