[23A4] Discussions on “Detachment” over tea

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    Description: In this much talked about discussion session, co- instructors, Akira Watamoto and Masaaki Nakajima, hosts a participatory lecture on the topic of “detachment”, one of the goals in reaching the state of Yoga as described in Yoga Sutra 1.12. The concept of “VAIRAGYA”, that is, the idea of Detachment or Letting Go, is a difficult one to fully come to terms with. In this spontaneous and free flowing session , their unrehearsed dialogue will etch into clearer comprehension the true meaning of VAIRAGYA in such a way that’s sure to be a once in a lifetime unique experience. What kind of a discussion will pop-up or ensue, not even the hosts themselves knows in this unrehearsed and unique class conducted in all inviting, participatory style. Their ad libitum discussion session will be accompanied by a simple practice session.

    Translated by AnandaK.Tsuyama
  • Date/Time:09/23 15:00-16:30
  • Instructor:AKIRA WATAMOTO/Masahiro Nakajima
  • Motion / Level: Moderate / Intermediate & up
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