[23C2] OKI-DO YOGA method of enhancing prana and Dan-tian

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    OKI-DO YOGA originated in Japan, and become prevalent overseas as ancient wisdoms of Eastern and yoga-code philosophy. The features about OKI-DO YOGA are the teaching system of enhancing Dan-tian in addition to asana, pranayama, and meditation. OKI-DO YOGA has a unique system in which ancient wisdoms from India, China, and Japan are consolidated. The prana-enhancement method in this class will follow the evolution process of vertebrate, strengthen basic function of prana by widening brain-stem area through dynamics of the feature of fish, amphibian, and reptiles, and introduce yoga-code philosophy as good news for those who lower their prana.

    Translated byMatsubara Tomoko
  • Date/Time:09/23 11:00-12:30
  • 講師名:Osamu TATSUMURA
  • Motion / Level: middle / Intermediate & Up
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