Schmitz Pranayama Breathing Method and Open Heart Meditation [25A1]]

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    This is the best Sadana menu for morning-time.

    We will practice in the order of: Asana → Breathing → Meditation.

    The asanas would be a sequence designed to enhance breathing functions, leading our bodies to a deeper breathing state. These sequences would lead us to naturally enhance our daily shallow breathing.

    Next, as our bodies are ready for deeper breathing, we will take breathings which would bring our mind and heart to a nice, calm, peaceful state. By focusing on the rhythm and length of breathing, our automatic nerve functions would be elevated.

    Lastly, we will practice meditation. Group meditations are always very effective, as everyone can demonstrate high concentration by effecting each other.

    It is said that if 5% of the population would learn to meditate, the world would come to peace. It will be very nice if you could join this, and practice meditation as a part of your daily life.

    In this view, this class would also teach you how to meditate by yourself at home.

    Meditation should bring you peaceful mind and rightful decisions, and a blissful happiest life.

    Translated by Kana KAWANISHI
  • Date/Time:09/25 9:00-10:30
  • 講師名:Chieko Schmitz
  • Motion / Level: Low/ Beginner
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