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Essence of T’ai chi for Yoga[23F5]
Masahiro Ouchi is the founder and director of the TaoZen International Association. He is also the founder and director of Healing Tao Center of NY and Chi Nei Tsang Association Japan. He is also one of Universal Healing Tao’s original Senior Instructors.
He is an experienced teacher of meditation, breathing control and t’ai chi over 35years.

He graduated Keio University, Law department and had been belonged to Bungakuza Direction team. When he was a child, he was interested in Zen. He learned Yoga in India for one year during his university student’s life.
He learned also T’ai chi, Noguchi Taisou, Parapsychology by Hiroshi Motoyama, Gestalt Psychology and Feldenkrais. It led him to have a great knowledge of relationship between body structure and mind.

Year 1980, he moved to NY and worked to systematize and expand Tao as an original member of Healing Tao by world-renowned Taoist Master Mantak Chia.
He is also an instructor of Prana Yoga and a member of Tao Zen Association in US.
Over these experiences, he established Tao Zen Method based on healing Tao, Zen, Yoga asana and sutra. This method is an original system of meditation, breathing control and T’ai chi that you can use in your daily life.

Currently, he is supported by wide range of people in all over the world. It’s over the countries not only in North America but also Europe, South America, Africa and Asia or races, religion and cultures.
For these years, he holds workshops in Tokyo for all leveled people, beginners ~ instructors.

Ouchi is the first Japanese man who mastered Tao’s secret art, Chi Nei Tsang which was famous among luxury spa such as Chiva-Som Thailand. He was invited by Chiva-Som to hold workshops or private consultation by regular basis for royal family and famous and rich people.

He owns a marketing company and produced many award-winning TV CM and documentary films.

Tao Zen meditation excersice / Seishun Shuppan
Self Chi Nei Tsang Touch / Gentosha

Translated by Miki Kondoh
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