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Vaikuntha Yoga ~ New Yoga as Preventive Medicine [24H2]
Year 1970 Born in Tokushima
Year 1995 He started to practice yoga in Tokyo, especially Raja Yoga.
He traveled all over the world to practice Hatha Yoga such as Sivananda Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.
Then he studied Iyengar system under famous yogi Rudra in Rishikesh, India

Year 2006 April Established Vaikuntha Yoga Center in Okinawa. His original instruction style, Faithful to the basics but Over the school connects with this center’s hope, Over countries, races, religious and schools Connect peaceful with people all over the world through Yoga.

Year 2008 March Started to act a vocalist of mantra band “Vaikunthas” as well as producer.
Year 2010 January Established Vaikuntha Yoga Center in Hiroshima.
Year 2010 April Vaikuntha Yoga Center was officially licensed by Yoga Alliance, that is the most popular international license of yoga instructor known in 50 countries. Bando was given E-RYT 200 official license as the representative.

He is now one of the leading influence yogis and busy to holds workshops, TTC or retreats in Japan.
Yoga Festa 2008 / 2009 / 2010
Healing Fair 2009 in Tokyo, Kyushu / 2010 in Osaka

Translated byMiki Kondoh
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