Chama’s “Live Yoga” -Happy ver.-[24C2]
YOGA & BODY Digest version 〜 Must-know basic of your body 〜
Ashtanga Yoga for everyone 〜 Enjoy practicing, & pursuit 〜[25H1]
Born in Tokyo,
1967. Director of TYG/TOKYOYOGA.

Chama has been learning body works such as functional anatomy and Craniosacral work and support Yoga classes, workshops and teachers training courses that has a theme “Sharing sustainable safe Yoga” all over in Japan, mainly in Tokyo.

He supervised editing of “ASHTANGA YOGA Practice & Philosophy” (Gregor Maehle), and edited Japanese edition of “YOGABODY” by Judith Lasater, who is his current teacher, with herself. Chama has a lot of experience in planning and producing TV programs, commercial films, and supervised projects or directing poses related to Yoga through various media.

He cooperated in producing
the first Japanese edition of DVD by Yoga Journal, and was in charge of translation and narration of it. TYG, the organization he hosts issues “YOGAYOMU”, “Yoga Techo (Yoga handbook)” and managing the yoga studio “TOKYOYOGA” (Tokyo, Osaka, Izu) in order to encourage more people to practice Yoga.

Translated by Yuanyuanyueliang
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