Michiko Minegishi

Michiko Minegishi

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Michiko Minegishi is well-recognized as a pioneer in Japanese fitness and exercise field last 25 years. After being certified as Oki Yoga Teacher in 2000, she has been developing her own yoga style called Vinyasa Flow.
She has a strong belief that her sequence will bring the true potential of yoga by releasing the body and the mind for free and she is happy to share and experience the change and evolution with a lot of students.

She has been sharing her experience and knowledge regularly with magazines, books, YogaFest, and Yoga Aid Challenge and throughout a year she has been organizing yoga workshops and seminars, which is based on anatomy and its practical theory. She is providing yoga beginners with comfortable chance to try yoga and her regulars with fascinating challenge of yoga at her own yoga studio, Body & Mind Yoga Studio.

Recently she has been inventing unique and effective yoga equipments, with which she introduces us the techniques of self-adjustment.

Also she is promoting a new method called Yoga Weight Loss, which tones our core and improves our stability and alignment and she is keen on developing exercise methods for mental disorders and for the elderly.

She created Handicapped Yoga in Japan and produced a lot of teachers all over Japan.

Her motto is “Yoga for everybody for anytime”. 。

Translated by Madoka Nakajima
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