Chieko Schmitz

Chieko Schmitz

» Head of Chieko Schmitz Pranayama Design Center
Approach to Pranayama and Pure Consciousness “PCM Meditation” [24B4]
Schmitz Pranayama Breathing Method and Open Heart Meditation [25A1]
Head of Chieko Schmitz Pranayama Design Center
Head of Schimitz no Mori Yoga Studio
Sophia University Extension Course, Yoga Instructor

Since her childhood, Schmitz had numerous spiritual experiences. After being introduced to meditation during her study abroad in the US, she decided to study breathing methods in other regions throughout the world including India, Europe, Asia and others. After experiencing a miraculous recovery from an accident, propagating yoga, breathing methods and meditation became her lifework.

Combining her dancing/figure skating experiences, physical approaches of Indian traditional yoga and longtime practices of meditation through internal (spiritual) approaches, she developed hew own unique breathing method. Recently, teaching the “Miracle Breathing Method” at Sophia University Health and Physical education laboratory’s Education Innovation Program of 2009 and preparing the textbook lead her to formulate her own “Schmitz Pranayama Breathing Method,” which introduces fulfilled yoga breathing methods. The “Schmitz Pranayama Breathing Method” is now practiced by many people who enjoy the method as a tool to introduce them to a healthy, fulfilled, energetic state.

Her heartwarming workshops, which allow participants to feel the deep, warm energy of experienced Chieko Schmitz, is held throughout the country.


Graduated Toita Women’s College, English Course. Graduated Brevard Community College of Florida, Business Management Course. Transferred to University of Cincinnati College of Business. Graduated Xavier University, Faculty of International Relation Studies.

Experienced in meditation for over 26 years, experienced in breathing methods, yoga, meditation teaching for over 19 years.

Lives and works in the United States for over 10 years. Studied Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s TM meditation during her study abroad in the US. After returning to Japan, she studied breathing methods, yoga and meditation in various regions including India, Europe and Asia. Founded “Art of Living, Japan” in 1994, and “Chieko Schmitz Pranayama Design Center” in 2010.
Renown for easy understanding teaching method, from beginners to instructor levels.

Numerous teaching/lecture/seminar experiences of breathing methods, meditation and yoga at companies including ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., Sophia University Extension Course, University of Hawaii, WAKO Sr. High School, infant schools and others. Also actively promotes Stress Management Seminars, aayurveda practices,Lomi Lomi, lymphoid treatments, previous lives reading, healing sessions, aroma classes and many others.

For three years since 2002, she gave yoga/breathing method workshops as well as weekly follow up instructions in the embassy, under the support of the Embassy of India in Tokyo and Embassy of Chile in Japan. Organizes workshops tours in the country as well as overseas. Coordinated the India press pages for “Yogini” with the support of the Ministry of Tourism in India.

On December third, 2006, she received the Distinguished Service Award of Cultural Development plaque on behalf of Keio University professor (previous ambassador of India) by the Maha Boddhi Society, which is headed by Mr. B.K. Moddhi, one of the top ten conglomerates of India.

She has received official certificates of yoga, breathing method, aayurveda teaching from Head of Vishava Hindu Parishad (India), previous Minister of Arts and Science, Mr. M.M. George, previous Defense Secretary Mr. George, Head of Technology and Science of the Government of India and many others.

She also has been devoting herself in volunteering. In the United States, she has organized child mentoring, charity concerts, antipoverty campaigns, free breathing method lessons to homeless people, cooperation towards in-prision treatment programs and many others. Also in India, she has lead voluntary activities such as breathing method lessons, cleaning, food ration in slam areas, yoga/breathing method lectures in girl orphanages, residential care homes, nurseries and others. She also has given special yoga and breathing seminars for intellectually disabled people.

Currently, “Chieko Schmitz Pranayama Design Center” and yoga studio “Schmitz no Mori” is free for the evacuators of the Great East Japan Earthquake which happened on March 11th, 2011, and the studio operates stress-care throughout yoga classes and breathing method classes to the public and junior/high school students in “Ajinomoto Stadium,” one of the evacuation shelters of the disaster.

Also widely enhances her activities including Chacott Co., Ltd. yoga wear productions, jewelry designs sold through Dinos and others.
Acknowledged from television and magazine medias as a leading figure in breathing methods, various celebrities take her lessons.

Shoin Co., Ltd. “Let’s Change Now with Miracle Breathing”
shuppansinsha “Refresh Your Body and Mind with Schmitz Breathing”

Press Coverage:
The Yomiuri Shimbun, The Asahi Shimbun, “Jamic Journal”, SHOUGAKUKAN “Biteki”, Bellsystem24, INC. “Urb”, Heart Field Associates “Fitness Journal”, EI Publishing co., Ltd “Yogini” appendix “All About Yoga”, “Beautiful Yoga”, “Yogini Plus”, KIRAKUSHA, Inc. “SOTOKOTO”, ultra house “THE BEAUTY”, SEISHUN PUBLISHING Co., Ltd. “HARUMO”, SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA CO.,LTD. “Shukan Josei”, TANOYAKU Publishing Inc. “Tanoyaku”, KADOKAWA MAGAZINES INC. “Chou Chou”, Oasis “Health & Beauty”, SHODENSHA Inc. “Karada ni iikoto”, Gakken Publishing Co.,Ltd.”Fytte” and many others. Numerous television and radio appearances.

Translated by Kana KAWANISHI
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