Photo Cred shannon_m_cummings Jenn feels most alive when she is on or near the ocean. She grew up surfing in Southern California and went on to paddle competitively in Hawaii in her adult years. When she moved back to the mainland she realized the ocean in San Francisco was significantly colder than in the islands. Not to be deterred from her love of the sea, Jenn found a way to stay just above the water and combine her two loves – yoga and paddling. It is one of Jenn’s greatest passions to share her love of yoga and the ocean with others. Yoga on Liquid is an amazing way to connect with nature and find focus in your flow. Surrounded by the elements, with the world as your studio and your board as your mat, life and your yoga practice hold the potential to become a true adventure. Jenn is a passionate leader and ambassador of fun on the water. She did her Stand Up Paddle Yoga training with OnBoardSUP in 2010 and loves to share the stoke. She is now traveling the world teaching Yoga on Liquid teacher trainings and retreats. If you are ready to play check out Yoga On Liquid International!